15 Things to Do With the Empty Space Over Your Bed

So you own a headboard (or at the very least, a mountain of pillows stacked against the wall), but what about the space over that? Has it been empty since you moved in? The area over the Bed is a complex one to decorate. You can very well leave it be (especially if you live in a quake-prone zone) but if you want to jazz up your wall surfaces just a bit, there are numerous creative design ideas out there for how to fill the space above your Bed. From cube shelving to gridded gallery walls to statement-making tapestries, the options are a-plenty.

1. Go for Stability With Shelves

Propping your bed up against a collection of shelves might be a little bit of a different move for you, but if you have space, it’s an exciting way to take in more area as well as something to look at over your headboard. Fill with picture frames, books, and decorative objects to keep it interesting (and dust regularly!).

2. Wallpaper a Wall

Take a leaf out of designers’ Brad Huntzinger and Kate McIntyre book (via Lonny) and decorate your empty wall space with wallpaper. A paper with an extra sparse oversized mural pattern is daring without being dizzying. For example, while this floral and fern print is bold, it also uses a lot of negative space, making it feel a little short overwhelming.

3. Install a Shelf

Skip the crested headboard and instead decorate with a shelf laden with accent items you love. Nuevo Estilo proves that from books to old oil paintings to statement lamps, adding a floating shelf can do wonders for the room.

4. Art + Sconces = Beauty & Useful

Designer Emily Henderson explains how great a significant scale artwork flanked by two sconces (perfect for reading!) can look. Usually, we see sconces in place of table lamps, but here, she used both for a layered look.

5. Accent with an Abstract Grid

Abstract art always makes a grand statement, but there’s something about an installation part that jumps out at you. While photographs and paintings are a fan-favorite design move when it comes to bedroom decor, you can paint outside of the lines with an abstract grid accent like Mark Tuckey did in this room via Inside Out.

6. Open Up the Room with a Mirror

The room will feel more significant with a few mirrors strategically placed around it, and a minimalist circle shape looks wonderfully hung over a bed frame. Designer Lauren Geremia (via Architectural Digest) explains what a difference the small move could make with this Scandinavian inspired space.

7. Drape a Tapestry

Take a page out of your academy dorm days and hang a decoration over your bed as Better Homes & Gardens did.

8. Toss a Tapestry Over a Curtain Rod

If you don’t like the faded look, a tapestry has when you pin it to a wall, you can get decent lines by copying Urban Outfitters and draping the cloth over a curtain rod.

9. Add Texture with a Wall Hanging

Give the room the ’70s feel with a vintage-inspired wool hanging, like designer Sarah Sherman Samuel used in this room makeover. You can DIY one yourself if you’re able with craft projects, or you can leave the weaving to a specialist and buy one.

10. Make a Gridded Gallery Wall

For those that have a tidy and neat aesthetic, showcase your favorite photographs in a severe grid like this room from Better Homes & Gardens did. It won’t feel chaotic, but it will enable you to show off your favorite memories.

11. Or Try a Statement Gallery Wall

Or if you like a full aesthetic, transform your entire wall into a playful, colorful gallery like former Lonny Editor-in-Chief Michelle Adams did in her New York home.

12. Add a Jungle of Plants

If you’re not one to assemble art prints, clutter your shelves or hang up giant tapestries with knick-knacks, then maybe plants are the way to go for you. Copy Katie & Tyler Branch of Branch Abode by installing a floating shelf over your bed, and then filling it with a knot of potted plants. So comfortable and eye-catching!

13. Invest in a Statement Lamp

A sculptural and great way to charge up that cold space is to get a remark wall lamp that makes a lot of drama in your bedroom. You can get an impressive industrial one that’s larger and brings lines into the room like designer Amber Lewis did in this space she shared on Instagram.

14. Opt for Textural Baskets

Colorful, artisan baskets have been in vogue for a bit now, and they’re an excellent choice for over the bed. The round shape pairs nicely compared with a streamline headboard like the one here shot by Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish via Style Files, while the lightweight nature makes them less worrisome (in case you’re not too handy with hanging and something comes crashing down in your sleep).

15. Have Some Fun With a Juju Hat

Cameroon juju hats were here just a few years ago. They seemed to be the fashion move of stylish dwellers and designers alike, but even though several persons have moved on, we think it’s still a great look, particularly in a jewel tone like this aquamarine version in a room from TF Diaries.