When strength and stability are paramount, plywood is a stronger, more durable option. Plywood is made of thin layers of solid wood glued over each other with grains running at 90-degree angles to produce a strong core. It’s used to provide maximum stability on the sides of desks, entertainment centers and other units where solid woods would crack and warp, due to temperature changes, and humidity levels. A veneer can be glued on top and sides for an even and attractive appearance.

Finishing Services

Genera of wood have very different traits, so making all wood look equally beautiful by crafting a natural looking finish in our world of wood furnishings has become both a necessity and an art form.

If all furniture were made of American Mahogany or solid Walnut, we could send everyone home with a little oil (such as pure coconut oil) and that would be all they’d need for a perfect finish. However, due to limited resources, and many favorite types of wood being endangered, those of us who work with wood have developed the art of finishing.

Wood Species

There are several species of American ash: black, brown, and white. Like most other hardwoods the timber of the white ash is heavy, hard, strong and durable. What sets ash apart and makes it valuable for many special uses is its exceptional flexibility. Ash is among the most easily steam-bent hardwood species. Early windmills were made form Ash. Ash is also used extensively in the manufacture of sporting goods. We all know that baseball bats are made from white ash. Ash is a popular species for food containers because the wood has no taste.

We're Green!

My parents started this company around 35 years ago, and, being of solid original hippy stock, they were into sustainable and natural products and keeping a low carbon profile way before it was a marketing ploy. Even though we’ve made a few changes to keep up with current technology, and formed quality vendor alliances, we always have and always will remain true to my parents’ vision of what matters.

That being said, there are some things we just won’t do. We don’t want to work on products that are constantly off-gassing harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that expose us and our employees to toxicity. We care about our health, and yours, so we only use low VOC varnishes and other finishes.

What Our Happy Customers Say


Ads Steve.

I ordered a table made out of Parawood ... with this furniture store. I have had to search stores in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, and Culver City. This place had the best sustainable wood furniture. I was going to get a custom design but they had everything I needed on the floor.

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Janet and Pete Pettler

Beautiful Furniture. I recently had UFM Designs custom build a piece of furniture, consisting of a base and bridge, to house a new 55 inch TV. I wanted to keep two book cases from my old set up. Ryan did a beautiful job of matching the design of my exiting pieces. Matching an old stain was another challenge Ryan and his staff manage to pull off...

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Interior Designer LJW - RPV.

Entertainment Center. UFM has made 2 Custom - built in Entertainment Centers for me, and they turned out Beautifully! They used High Quality sustainable woods, combined with Quality craftmanship which equaled the perfect pieces!!!!! I highly recommend UFM. They have very quick turn around time... I was under heavy pressure to have one of my projects done and fully installed before New Year's day, and they totally delivered it all on time! ..

middle aged man

Jackie Caro Ecklund.

Great Designs, awesome furniture Ryan Hedgecock takes time with his customers to design a furniture piece to fit perfectly with their home. He is reasonable in his quotes and delivers the finished product punctually! We are very happy with our bookshelf and get many compliments from family and friends.



Custom Furniture Media Center. My wife and I have a rather small house (with non-standard dimensions) and needed to have our computer and our TV setup in the same room. UFM Designs built us a custom media cabinet that covered one wall and around one of the corners, that has bookshelves and space for both our computer items and our TV things. UFM Designs' designer, Ryan, was great to work with and helped us figure out the optimal design for our custom furniture, visiting our home on more than one occasion to work out and refine the details. 


Google User.

UFM was great because the measurements were exact and the bookcases were exactly as described. They were delivered on time and installed expertly and look great in our family room! I would not hesitate to recommend UFM Designs for all your furniture needs!