UFM Made Solid

UFM Made Solid

We’re here to make furnishing your space easy and enjoyable.

Whether it’s your home, office, showroom, studio or any space you inhabit, you may not know exactly what furnishings you need or have room for, but you do know how you want to feel once you’ve filled that space with your things.

Our mission is to assist you in making your place serene and well-organized by helping you choose the best furnishings. In fact, our only agenda is providing you with what will serve you best for the long term.

A Wood Furniture Expert To Help You Get Exactly What You Want

What we do here at UFM Made Solid, is a complimentary service much like the best department stores offer — personal shoppers. They take your measurements, note your preferences, and what your wardrobe is missing, and then all you have to do is come try them on for final approval. What we do works pretty much the same way — just on a larger scale.

There are so many places to buy these days, and way too many options, and we know that it can be completely overwhelming — especially because we all work and have families and other obligations that demand our time.

In his superb book, Getting Things Done, David Allen suggests that one either delete, delay, or delegate any task that will take more than 2 minutes to complete. It will likely take less than 2 minutes to connect with UFM Designs. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Our Knowledge and Design Skills — On The House

Take advantage of our experience — our new owner/director, Ryan Hedgecock, is an Emmy Award winning set designer, and a working musician. Not only does Ryan have a strong aesthetic sensibility, but he specializes in housing audio/visual components, and can help you sort out where your gear needs to go, how much space to allow for cables, and ventilation. Ryan grew up helping his parents make and sell solid wood furniture, and knows all about the different types of wood species and what will work best for whatever you need.

If you have an idea of what size piece you need or what you need it to hold, Ryan himself will help get you started. Once we’re moving forward, if you’re not exactly sure how big your space is, one of our knowledgeable team members can come by, take measurements and photos, and then send you photos or links to narrow down your search for the perfect item.

To provide the greatest customer satisfaction, UFM Designs not only creates exceptional one-of-a-kind furnishings, we also have long-standing relationships with three exceptional furniture manufacturers. Once in a while, it makes more sense for someone to have us find them the perfect piece for their space, rather than having us custom design something. It usually has to do with time and budget more than anything else.

If a room doesn’t demand a custom piece due to nonstandard space requirements or for other reasons, we can save you time and money by helping you find a beautifully made solid wood piece that we can then finish exactly how you want it.

We’ve chosen the three vendors’ products that we recommend for their ethical business practices — from where they source their materials to the way that they manufacture their furniture. We did our homework to find vendors to work with use sustainably harvested woods, reject harsh chemicals and use only solid wood and furniture grade plywood — never particle boards made with VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

We were fortunate to discover these three outstanding companies that sell beautifully made furnishings wholesale to design studios, contractors, and a handful of retail outlets. We’ve worked side by side with each company for decades, and each one gives UFM Made Solid the very best pricing. Because of the quality and pricing, each company’s inventory can be a more affordable option for you.