About UFM Designs

When it comes to custom designed wood as a medium, if you can imagine it, we can bring it to life. We love being your partners in design. We’ve taken our clients’ drawings, verbal descriptions, and measurements to craft just about anything:

• Entertainment units
• Bookcases
• Armoires
• Corner shelving units
• Complete wood office furnishing, desks, files cabinets, etc.
• Bed frames like sleigh beds and platform beds
• Library cases
• Studio gear housing
• Wood bars and bar carts
• Your next custom piece

We pride ourselves on using the only the highest grade, sustainable woods, English or French  dovetailed drawers, and prefer to use full extension glides that open and close smoothly.

For some of our clients, a 100% custom design isn’t in their budget. In those instances, we have  beautifully crafted pieces made right here in the U.S., that we can color match to give our customers more creative freedom.

We have powerful tools in our arsenal that ensure our customers love the work we do as much as we love collaborating with them:

• 3-D software that shows you exactly what your piece will look like when it’s finished and installed.
• Unique, high-quality, sustainable woods, finishes and hardware
• Color matching, done by our artists-in-residence that’s done first in our design studio and then finalized in your space for the utmost accuracy. Lighting, wall backgrounds, nearby furniture, etc. can all change the way colors and finishes look from space to space. We never leave that up to  chance.

We were green before it was a thing!

My parents started this company around 35 years ago, and, being of solid original hippy stock, they were into sustainable and natural products and keeping a low carbon profile way before it was a marketing ploy. Even though we’ve made a few changes to keep up with current technology, and formed quality vendor alliances, we always have and always will remain true to my parents’ vision of what matters.
That being said, there are some things we just won’t do. We don’t want to work on products that are constantly off-gassing harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that expose us and our employees to toxicity. We care about our health, and yours, so we only use low VOC varnishes and other finishes. We happen to love trees and don’t want to short the planet of oxygen so that we can build a dream dinette set. We buy our wood from farmers where it grows for 10 years before it’s harvested and replanted. Virgin wood is not an option for us. And, we happen to love supporting our country’s farmers.

Let’s Collaborate

We’re easy to get in touch with although we’re available by appointment only.We can meet you at your space, which we highly recommend so that we have a clear sense of your needs. This allows us to see your room layout and placement for your furniture and troubleshoot any issues.

You can also join us in our design studio in Lomita, near Torrence. Be sure to register for our exclusive open house invitations.

We don’t ship our work farther than San Diego or Santa Barbara, although if you’re a wine maker, you might be able to tempt us as far as Los Olivos. Even with Skype and Facetime, we prefer to work with locals only.

It’s Your Way Or The Highway

We have three different levels of customization for three different budgets, and we’re happy to offer bids at each level. This way, we can help you get exactly what you want…your way. That being said, you should know up front that one of the things we won’t do is sacrifice a high quality outcome to satisfy a very low budget. Races to the bottom aren’t our thing.

We’ll always give it to you straight, and if your situation is such that we’d be forced to sacrifice our level of quality or service, we’ll have to part ways. We’re not trying to be IKEA..

Three Types of Projects:

$ — You choose from ready made pieces. We include our color matching technology. You can either finish the pieces on your own, or for a little more, let us do it for you. We still do the finishing the old school way — by hand. There’s just no substitute for the human touch when it comes to quality craftsmanship.

$$ — $$$ — We meet at your home, office, studio (… or winery). You share with us your ideas, and we take measurements, consider the environment, who shares your space, etc.

We then go back to our design studio with all the variables and set to work. Once we have all of the specifics, we put together your estimate, which we will honor for 45 days. With our drawings, your approval and 50% cost commitment, we set to work rendering with our 3-D software, which eliminates all of the guess work as we move toward our final result. It’s very much a collaborative relationship each step of the way, so that by the time it’s installed in your space, it looks as though it was meant to be there all along — our definition of excellence in action.