UFM Made Solid Finishing Services

The Art of Finishing

Genera of wood have very different traits, so making all wood look equally beautiful by crafting a natural looking finish in our world of wood furnishings has become both a necessity and an art form.

If all furniture were made of American Mahogany or solid Walnut, we could send everyone home with a little oil (such as pure coconut oil) and that would be all they’d need for a perfect finish. However, due to limited resources, and many favorite types of wood being endangered, those of us who work with wood have developed the art of finishing.

The history of finishing, a craft often passed down from generation to generation, is reflected in many of the names chosen for the colors offered by the larger finish manufacturers. Each wood species has its own natural color. Finishes with names like Pecan, Walnut, and Cherry, hold close resemblance to the hues found in those woods.

Our finishers here at UFM Made Solid, have spent years perfecting our high end custom finishes. Using a reliable combination of trade knowledge passed down for generations, and secrets of the craft gleaned from Hollywood set design experts, our ability to give your solid wood furniture an impeccable look and feel is unparalleled.

Our expert finishers can match the antique sideboard you inherited from your late grandmother to your  kitchen cupboards. The cherry wood furniture your BFF has in her guest room — bring us a photo, or better yet a door or drawer and we can generate a few samples for you to take over to her place until you’ve got a match. If you have your eye on a certain look, simply bring it in to our design studio, and let us match it for you. We have unlimited options when it comes to the finishes. It’s one more way we can help you to make each piece of furniture you  purchase from us uniquely yours.

Here are some of our UFM Made Solid team members in our design studio’s backroom making their magic.

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