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UFM Made Solid’s relationship with Whitewood Furniture started when Ryan’s mother, discovered the them sometime in the 1990’s. They continue to be our only import company because of their longstanding  eco-friendly practices abroad. Whitewood primarily uses solid parawood, better known among experts as “Malaysian Oak.” Parawood is special because it has roughly the same hardness rating as Ash wood — the same wood with which baseball bats are made!

Parawood trees are harvested for wood after they complete their latex producing cycle, which means that the trees have matured to 25 – 30 years old. When the latex yield reaches its lowest point, the trees are harvested and new trees are planted to replace them. This way Parawood is harvested only from a renewable and sustainable source. This has always been a big deal to Ryan’s “hippie” parents, who have always made sure that they’re leaving resources for later generations.

Another reason we have always enjoyed working with Whitewood is that they have a team of designers who stay on top of trends without forgetting why people love antiques. They’re all about style without  compromising lasting quality. They have both finished and unfinished options available.

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