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Nearly 35 years ago, my parents began making custom designed, high quality wood furniture. I’m committed to remaining true to their vision of sustainable, high quality wood furniture. We utilize the latest 3-D computer imaging software. You’ll get to see exactly how we’ll bring your ideas to life. We’ll help you sketch out your perfect entertainment unit, bar, baby’s nursery— whatever your heart desires — we’ll co-create it with you from inspiration to completion. We take the guess work out of designing custom wood pieces for your home.


Inspiration to Completion

You’ve just moved into your new space, your home, your ideal apartment — wherever. And it’s perfect — except that it’s got some challenges in making the space work more ergonomically. There may not be enough closets, or there’s a great spot for a built-in bar, or entertainment center, but the measurements are not standard, so it’s not like you can just go buy something. Or you’re the type of person who has a unique vision for your place, and you know exactly what you’d like to see there, only, when you go to the usual furniture places, you can’t find it. That’s where we come in.

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We’ll look at your space, and any rough sketches of your ideas if you have them, see what fits, and craft a high quality wood piece to your specs, and collaborate with you to get it just right with:
3-D Computer Software that eliminates guess work and shows you exactly what your design will look like in your home.

Custom designed wood furniture that is a solid investment in living space, and can be re-finished and re-worked as your tastes change.

Non-toxic paints and finishes to choose from with no “off-gassing”, which makes them safe even for baby’s room.

Completely non-toxic from start to finish — all wood creations, without particle boards which contain formaldehyde and other dangerous glues and chemicals. Sustainable, high quality wood that is farm-harvested every ten years; not taken from virgin forests. As a father myself, I want to leave a legacy of amazing custom wood pieces; not add to overflowing landfills.

What Our Happy Customers Say


Ads Steve.

I ordered a table made out of Parawood ... with this furniture store. I have had to search stores in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, and Culver City. This place had the best sustainable wood furniture. I was going to get a custom design but they had everything I needed on the floor.

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Janet and Pete Pettler

Beautiful Furniture. I recently had UFM Designs custom build a piece of furniture, consisting of a base and bridge, to house a new 55 inch TV. I wanted to keep two book cases from my old set up. Ryan did a beautiful job of matching the design of my exiting pieces. Matching an old stain was another challenge Ryan and his staff manage to pull off...

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Interior Designer LJW - RPV.

Entertainment Center. UFM has made 2 Custom - built in Entertainment Centers for me, and they turned out Beautifully! They used High Quality sustainable woods, combined with Quality craftmanship which equaled the perfect pieces!!!!! I highly recommend UFM. They have very quick turn around time... I was under heavy pressure to have one of my projects done and fully installed before New Year's day, and they totally delivered it all on time! ..

middle aged man

Jackie Caro Ecklund.

Great Designs, awesome furniture Ryan Hedgecock takes time with his customers to design a furniture piece to fit perfectly with their home. He is reasonable in his quotes and delivers the finished product punctually! We are very happy with our bookshelf and get many compliments from family and friends.



Custom Furniture Media Center. My wife and I have a rather small house (with non-standard dimensions) and needed to have our computer and our TV setup in the same room. UFM Designs built us a custom media cabinet that covered one wall and around one of the corners, that has bookshelves and space for both our computer items and our TV things. UFM Designs' designer, Ryan, was great to work with and helped us figure out the optimal design for our custom furniture, visiting our home on more than one occasion to work out and refine the details. 


Google User.

UFM was great because the measurements were exact and the bookcases were exactly as described. They were delivered on time and installed expertly and look great in our family room! I would not hesitate to recommend UFM Designs for all your furniture needs!


The majority of our pieces are handcrafted out of alderwood, and we are able to use any other type of wood per client request.  Alder wood is grown on a tree farm. It’s grown in Oregon on a tree farm that harvests its trees for wood every ten years. Sometimes, with things like kitchen cupboards, for example, solid wood is far too heavy to be practical. In those cases, we use a combination of solid wood planks over high grade plywood, which has no harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds), such as glues that use formaldehyde. For a more in-depth discussion, visit our blog.

Absolutely. We love working with contractors, and have done so many times.

Most of the time, we are able to match your new custom built furniture — color, texture, style — with what you currently have. That’s a great reason to go with UFM Designs.

Here are a few reasons:
—Creative freedom
—To match what you currently have
—To invest in quality wood that you can refinish or modify later on to save money, trees, and other resources.
—Because your tastes will likely change as you travel through life, and with high quality pieces, you can refinish, add on, divide and add elsewhere. You can take them with you from home or business and fit them into new spaces.
—Flexibility that doesn’t contribute to landfills.

Our prices are usually in line with Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and West Elm. Many times, we are less expensive, but usually not much more. You really don’t have to pay more for uncompromising quality and creativity.

We won’t skimp on the quality of our wood or finishes. We refuse to compromise our integrity and do shoddy work to save a few dollars. We absolutely will not use anything that resembles particle board, which is comprised of bits and pieces of pulp, synthetics, formaldehyde and other chemicals that endanger our health and that of our clients. We won’t do any job sight unseen, without visiting your space as many times as necessary to get the job done to our standards of excellence. We will not  compete with IKEA or any cheaply made, disposable furniture. And we will not do the hokey pokey. We do turn some jobs down, but we will never accept work that forces us to be out of our  integrity.