It Starts With You…

Let’s say one day, you’re at home binge watching Netflix. In between episodes, you hit pause. You make a trip to the kitchen and as you walk back in, it hits you.
Your entertainment center bums you out — the finish, the lack of shelving, the wasted space because you couldn’t get one that exactly filled the wall — whatever it is, you want something different that maximizes the space and appeals to your aesthetics.
You hop on Pinterest looking for different wall unit options, and you peruse all the familiar sites for something that feels right. You know you’ll know it when you see it… but you don’t.

That’s Where We Come In

We meet with you in your space, and you describe what you’d like to have.
We listen. We consider  your current furniture, surroundings, and take photos and measurements.
We then draw a design sketch that merges your ideas with our experience in crafting custom pieces.
With this drawing, we’re able to get you an accurate price, which will include finishing work, delivery, and installation.
This quote is good for 45 days.

Once We’re Both “All In”

With your work order and deposit out of the way, the next step is for us to create a 3-D version of the original sketch.

With this, you can see exactly what your finished custom designed wood piece will look like.

We love nothing more than working side by side with our clients from imagination to perspiration.

Everyone loves it when a good plan comes together.