This gives you a direct link to some of the all wood furniture pieces you may be looking for from our site and the sites of our Approved Vendors. Once you’re there, make sure you look around because all of my suppliers have much more available than what’s seen in the Online “Showroom”. Just jot down the company name and a model number or size and we’ll get back to you with prices or your desired information. Here’s some info to help you better understand your options and what your seeing.

1. You pick the color— If you’re trying to color match an already existing piece you own or you have special color you want, we’ll help you with our in-house, environmentally-friendly Finishing department. We take our time to get you the exact finish or color you want with “made for you” color samples that you hold and approve. Some of our companies also offer finishing services. Arthur Brown has a extensive line of paint and finishing colors to choose from as does Whitewood. When browsing on the Whitewood site, check out their cool color tool program where you can get as creative as you wish, picking from their unique finishes and color choices so you can see the finish you desire. John Thomas is finished only (at a great price!).

2. Different Styles to choose from On Rod’s Unfinished and the Arthur Brown site, you’ll see items in their catalog but they all are offered in multiple styles. Here’s a link to Rod’s Unfinished styles and here’s a link to Arthur Brown’s styles. With Whitewood, John Thomas and Whittier, what you see is what you get.

3. Size options Arthur Brown offers multiple sizes and custom sizes (with a slight up-charge) on almost all of their furniture. That option makes them our first stop before we go fully custom.

Once you know what company you’d like to order from, come on down to our “Brick & Mortar” Showroom in Lomita, where you can touch and feel the furniture from the company you’re ordering from. With all of the disposable and cheap furniture that has flooded the market recently, we feel this step is really important, and we’re proud of what we offer, so come on down!

If you don’t see what you’re looking for…please contact us.
We’ve got lots of options! Email, Text or Call us at 310 539-3631

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