We're Green!

We Were Green Before It Was A Thing!

My parents started this company around 35 years ago, and, being of solid original hippy stock, they were into sustainable and natural products and keeping a low carbon profile way before it was a marketing ploy. Even though we’ve made a few changes to keep up with current technology, and formed quality vendor alliances, we always have and always will remain true to my parents’ vision of what matters.

That being said, there are some things we just won’t do. We don’t want to work on products that are constantly off-gassing harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that expose us and our employees to toxicity. We care about our health, and yours, so we only use low VOC varnishes and other finishes.

We happen to love trees and don’t want to short the planet of oxygen so that we can build a dream dinette set. We buy our wood from farmers where it grows for 10 years before it’s harvested and replanted. Virgin wood is not an option for us. And, we happen to love supporting our country’s farmers.