Construction Quality

Back in 1978, pre-internet, finding a high quality, lasting line of solid wood furniture wasn’t nearly as easy as it is today with the internet and social media. They did it by talking with lots of people around the globe to find the line that we now call UFM Made Solid.

It was a process of traveling to see if the phone calls and word of mouth panned out. It took a couple of years before Mom and Dad were able to find a company that made furniture that measured up to their standards. They signed the paperwork, shook hands, and formed a lasting friendship with the builder.

We still prefer to do business that way. Relationships matter to us — we aren’t just building furniture. We’re building friendships and communities.

The first thing you should look at when you’re trying to assess the quality of furniture, is the drawer construction. Our UFM Made Solid line uses visible, English dovetail joints, full extension ball bearing glides, and solid Alder, Baltic Birch or Oak woods for all the drawers’ interiors.

The wood used in the UFM Made Solid line isn’t just high quality; it’s harvested from sustainable tree farms in Oregon. You can feel good about the fact that you’re buying furniture that will last a lifetime. All of our furniture can be repainted or refinished for a new look, rather than tossed into a landfill (or set out on the sidewalk). Solid, you’re actually doing planet earth a solid as well.

With each purchase, you’re ensuring a tradition of sustainable farming practices, and supporting farmers that care about deforestation and growing healthy trees. Healthy trees contribute positively to our ecosystem, and benefit the entire planet.

When you make a decision to purchase the enduring quality of solid wood furniture from UFM Made Solid, you’re actually doing planet earth a solid as well.