The Wilsons: Before and after

On one of my earlier jobs, I was contracted by the Wilsons to build out two large furniture pieces in their family room. Together, with Mrs. Wilson, we went over all details and concerns and then came up with a design we both liked, had it fabricated and installed… and on to the next job.

Cut to 10 years later, I receive a call from the Wilson’s and they have finally replaced their old TV that we had built a custom corner piece around with a new flat screen, but as you can see in the “before” design, they needed a console to go under that new TV. A lot of things can change in 10 years, and in the 10 years that passed, I’ve changed fabricators, staining techniques, and wood colors deepened. After scheduling a meeting with the Wilsons at their home, we settled on a designs to meet their current needs and I accepted the challenge.

Not to bore you with all of the details that go into this, but there are many areas where a job like this could become problematic but with experience and an eye for detail, we nailed it.

Though it looks like 4 cabinets underneath, it’s really a crawl thru space to access the wires and sound components behind the corner unit. The door heights, door design, base molding, aged color, all had to be matched, the bridge above the new console had to be moved up, patched, touched up and a backing with enough strength had to be installed so the new TV could mount the way the customer envisioned it.

Multiple visits were necessary to make sure no detail slipped through the cracks but at the job’s end, I have another happy and satisfied customer.