10 Ways to Give Furniture a Fast Facelift

There is no doubt about it—buying Furniture or unfinished wood furniture can put tension on your bank account. There are a lot of unfinished furniture companies in Los Angeles but we are giving you remarkable ways from our company. Instead of spending your budget on new pieces, give your existing ones a refresh instead, with these ten easy upgrades that make a significant impact.

1. Leggy Look

If you are ready for a new coach but your wallet isn’t, consider giving your old standby a lift by displacing the legs with a fashionable set from our group. The company specializes in different replacement legs for not only sofas, but also beds, tables, chairs, and more. Try some out on your tedious or necessary furniture for a potent dose of color and personality.

2. Fabric Fun

Give an old vinyl seat a new look by adhering a printed material to the cover. Using Mod Podge for this design makes it quick and straightforward—no thread and needle required. Plus, the design chances are endless, as you can choose any fabric that works with your decor.

3. Paper Products

Fabric or contact paper can be unexpected partners in refinishing a part of the furniture. These materials come in multiple designs and colors, and the wide selection makes it easy to add personalized style to virtually any flat surface—like this nightstand, for example. Just lay the table upside below on the back of the contact paper or fabric, then trace and cut around the edge. Combine a cover of Mod Podge to the tabletop, then smooth the fabric or paper to the surface. Once dry, cut carefully around the corner to get rid of any extra fabric, then seal with three coats of clear, water-based polyurethane.

4. Painted Perfection

Surprising as it may seem, many upholstered seats, chairs and sofas can be painted. This simple Do it Yourself adds a pop of color while also covering stains or dirt on gloomy old fabrics. A bottle of textile medium, watered-down acrylic paint, and a little patience were the magic combination for these coral chairs, transforming them from a tired-looking arrangement to the statement pieces of the room.

5. Tissue Time

Spice up the back of a tedious chair by attaching tissue paper to the surface in an attractive pattern or design. Mod Podge is the superhero ingredient in this design, as it’s used as both sealer and glue. An ideal resolution for adding texture and color to any room, this inexpensive Do it Yourself works excellent on any part of the versatile furniture that sports a smooth surface.

6. Pull Power

Knobs and handles lend a great deal of personality to your creations, so why not swap out the existing hardware for something different that you have created yourself? An old belt and amazing nails are all you need to craft these modern (and cheap!) furniture pulls that put a brand-new spin on your old furniture.

7. Stylish Stencils

Stencils are a different simple way to add color and pattern to a surface. With an intricately patterned stencil, you can give a table an entirely new vibe, taking it from drab to elegant in no time. Just tape a stencil to the tabletop, and use a stencil brush to make a detailed scheme that is sure to make the piece the focal position of the room.

8. Pattern Play

Dress up around backyard table by adding a painted pattern to the top. Attach strips of washi or painter’s line to a sheet of wax paper, then cut out geometric patterns from the tape strips. Arrange the shapes on the tabletop in a beautiful design, then peel back the tape from the wax paper and affix the forms in position. Paint the round backyard table, then remove the tape to show your colorful, eye-catching graphic.

9. Nailed It

Embellish upholstered parts, such as this padded headboard, with tracks found at your hardware store or local crafts. These modern metallic accents will lend a luxe feel to your furniture, upgrading it immediately and quickly. Upholstery nails are available in quality of finishes, so be sure to consider the rest of the room’s design and color scheme before making your purchase.

10. Pillow Swap

Introduce accents into a room to blow new life into an old chair or couch. Throw blankets and pillows are almost inexpensive compared with the cost of a new sofa, so consider buying several various choices and exchanging them in and out according to the periods. The change is sure to restore any space that needs cheering up.