12 Murphy Bed Projects for Every Budget

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Small Space Furniture Shouldn’t Cost a Fortune

A brand-new Murphy bed can surely cost more than $3,000. The thing is, we imagine furniture that makes the most of your square footage should not have a hefty price tag. That’s why we produced this list of 12 DIY Murphy bed projects that will not torpedo your bank account.


DIY Murphy Bed for Small Spaces

Matt and his spouse Jacque from The DIY Village made a Murphy bed for their workroom so it could grow as a guest room. Depending on your budget you can use wood, plywood, MDF or particle board to construct a Murphy Bed. Matt and Jacque picked PureBond hardwood plywood. They say the professional grade building material enhanced the strength and beauty of their finished project. PureBond products are also formaldehyde-free and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The couple’s tutorial includes more need to know tips.


Build Murphy Bed for Cheap

A spring or piston lifting device could more than double the cost of building a Murphy bed. The hardware takes the work out of opening and closing but if you’re willing to lose a little convenience to save money consider the Lori Wall bedsit. It’s a mechanism-free resolution that does it possible to make a custom Murphy bed for less money.

How does the Lori Wall Bed close and open? The design relies on real old fashion muscle strength. To help counterbalance some of the pressure, the bottom of the bed frame has rounded “rocker” edges that double as shelving when closed. Each Lori wall bed kit comes with building plans and assembly fittings (more than 200 hinges, screws, connectors, and bolts!) Customers can pick from two types of bed orientations: vertical or horizontal, and three different bed sizes: twin, full or queen.


DIY Murphy Bed for Mere Mortals

You know you are only human. But that doesn’t imply you can not build this DIY Murphy bed by Steve at Woodworking for Mere Mortals. He does projects for folks with zero building experience and limited budgets.To kick things off, he bought a DIY kit from Murphy Bed Hardware. Just like the kit we stated earlier, it comes with all the material to assemble a lifting mechanism plus building plans for constructing the furniture and bed frame.


DIY This Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed

This Murphy bed office combo by Katie. Katie designed a one-of-a-kind furniture arrangement that involves the desk and the bookcases. The frosting on the block is the bed cabinet. When closed it matches a storage wall so those not in the know would never guess it conceals a mattress.


DIY This IKEA Murphy Bed

Paul from Old Houses and Renovations was excited to build his DIY Murphy bed using items from IKEA’s PAX group after his wife saw this IKEA hack from Herbie’s World and this IKEA hack of Jerry’s Projects.


All three projects incorporated a floor mounted bed frame with a spring device from Murphy Bed Frame. When compiled and installed it’s an all-in-one free-standing project that supports, lifts and lowers a mattress.


Hack A PAX Murphy Bed

Here’s different DIY Murphy bed that’s including a PAX IKEA hack. Norwegian blogger, Calvin Gross from Husqvarna, says if you’re making a system for a full-sized mattress you will need various things including two PAX wardrobe frames and a couple of LURÖY slatted bed bases.


Build a Transforming Sofa Murphy Bed

This money-saving DIY by Avalon Awaked (Imgur user) demonstrates how to make one for a heck of a lot less. The ottoman and sofa are from IKEA’s SÖDERHAMN series. To explain the DIY process, he purchased The Next Bed. It’s a Murphy bed mattress frame with a lifting mechanism that you can anchor to a wall or floor that’s easy to assemble. Keep in mind, Avalon created a custom mount for the bed frame so it would open over the sofa. Afterward, he made a Murphy bed cabinet with built-in storage using white melamine.

How to Build a Basic Murphy Bed

This design by David Picciuto at Make Something TV shows how to make a simple Murphy bed using Side Mount Deluxe Murphy Bed Hardware from Rockler. Each kit includes instructions, but if you find them confusing, David’s video gives an overview of the steps.

Create a Murphy Bed Fit For a Kid

Need to make room for your children? Martin Vester used leftover pieces from an IKEA Ivar storage system to build a small Murphy bed with built-in shelving for his tiny home office. What’s our favorite part of this project? Martin used three of the plywood shelves to create a bench for sheets and blankets. Take a peek at the tutorial.


Build a Disappearing Murphy Bed

Many Murphy beds are freestanding items of furniture that you bolt to floor or the wall. The blogging sisters behind Junk in Their Trunk, share how to build one that disappears like magic without using an expensive lifting mechanism. Junk in Their Trunk shares photos and tips of their DIY for free here.


Faux Murphy Bed for Tiny Spaces

Crystal Odom and Andrew are the small house residents behind Tiny Revolution, a site that supports tiny space living. Since they couldn’t fit a regular Murphy bed in their home, they came up with a related idea called the roll out bed. What is inside this two-box design? The front box covers an accordion style bed stage on castors. Inside the next one is a foam IKEA mattress.

One Stop Shopping Murphy Bed Kit

The DIY  Murphy Bed Kit by Wilding Wall Beds comes with everything you want to create a functional Murphy bed including the pre-cut lumber. Once it’s collected, you can customize the cabinet using top molding, paint, and beautiful hardware. Kits are available in your selection of wood: cherry, alder, mahogany, maple or oak.