5 Easy Ways to Decorate Simple Wooden Chairs

Maybe they have been in the family for ages, or you are just tired of their dullness. Wooden chairs are versatile, practical, and quite functional but frequently they’re just annoying and dull. Happily, for you, they are also very simple to change, decorate and design. All of the following tips are comfortable Wooden Chairs DIY and custom furniture designs that won’t break the bank and can be replaced again at the drop of a hat. Switch out a cover or cushion for every season. Redo a custom furniture paint job or change the look of that inspired side table. Or do all of them! But don’t maintain the same annoying, wood and browned chairs that have been adoring your house for years. It’s time for a change!

1. Paint your wooden chairs in your style.

Hand-Painting your wooden chairs is an obvious answer when it comes to decorating simple chairs. And even though it seems like an incredibly obvious answer, people have trouble diving into the project. They’re scared they may mess up or don’t think of it as an opportunity because they’ve never done it before. Even if you paint (or spray paint) the chairs a robust design or a solid color each chair a new way, it’s creative and a fun way to add some excitement to a set of wooden chairs. The full-day tutorial.

2. Accessorize, Choose your way.

This works excellent if you plan on painting and then accessorizing. Adding appliques, fringe, or wooden pieces, like in the spheres at the back of the chair in the photo above, brings even more life to the article than just a new paint job. Use your local craft and your creativity store to inspire your next project!

3. Add fabric, Don’t be shy.

It’s ease and simplicity at its absolute best. Chair covers or finding a favorite pattern or fabric to make some yourself, adding some material to the seat or back of a chair is an obvious way to bring cohesiveness to your space.

4. Don’t use it as a chair, Make a difference.

Another way of designing without actually doing any work is turning that shabby, old wooden chair into another part of the furniture. Using a smaller role as a side table or a place to hold some pretty vases, completely changes its dullness and makes it exciting.

5. Add cushions, It’s simple.

Cushions are simple to find. Find them at the store or have them made to fit your oddly-size chairs; it’s another simple fix to the “boring chair” problem without worrying about messing anything up in the process of DIYing.