Real Estate has risen to such large prices in many cities, that space becomes very hard to come by. For today’s city dweller, space-saving resolutions are lifesavers, providing even the smallest apartment for changing from a bedroom to a workspace in little seconds. But no one needs their home to be outmoded. Enter today’s Modern Murphy Bed; available in a wide range of designs and configurations that go well with even the most modern home decor. The most famous Modern Murphy Bed Frame Kit is the Next Bed, painted in white, with European-style bent-wood slats to support a real mattress. If only more city folk knew about wall beds such as the Next Bed, small spaces would be more beautiful. The price for a Next Bed Modern Murphy Bed Frame Kit arranges from $475 to above $1000, depending on the quantity and where you’ve found one for sale. Murphy Bed Depot has been offering the lowest price tag on the internet since the Next Bed was released many years ago and is a real authority in the Murphy Bed manufacturers, there to support anyone who has problems or cares about assembling, purchasing, or using a fold-up bed.


How to install your Modern Murphy Bed.

We pride ourselves on optimal control service maintaining a steady stream of delivery updates and free home delivery services in Los Angeles. Since installation needs an on-site inspection, we ask that you have your certified contractor ready for the install.  Units are usually installed face down on the floor, lifted in place, and bolted to several studs hidden along the top of the system. Generally speaking, this is a two person project.


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