What is a Wall Bed?

Maybe you have heard the phrases Murphy and Wall Beds being used about unique fold-up furniture —  both terms are right. Murphy is the “proper” term for those Wall Beds, which were named for William Murphy, who came up with the concept for a bed that saves place by folding into the wall. Through the early 1900s, he wanted to find a method to remove his bed from his one-room apartment when his lover visited to avoid the impression of impropriety.

His discovery soon caught on, and over the past 100 years, Murphy beds have grown a favorite way to save space while maximizing the functionality of your home. The area in your room will define the size of your bed. Measure the width and height of the room and then think if the king size or the queen size bed will best match your demands and go well with the décor.

wall bed


Why buy Murphy beds? Our clients get so many benefits. Some use them in smaller areas to maximize available square footage, while others love the idea of having less clutter or furniture. No matter your motive, you’ll like the versatility this furniture provides.

Here are the most apparent reasons customers at our Los Angeles showroom choose to purchase everything from queen to twin wall beds.


Flexibility for Smaller Spaces


While you don’t need to have a less area to enjoy the many advantages of Murphy beds, they do give you added benefits not available with traditional beds. Say you have a one- or two-bedroom apartment with the proper square footage. Here are the steps a wall bed can help open up your space:

  1. You can have both a guest and a study bedroom when you buy a wall bed desk.
  2. You can maximize movability by folding up furniture when you don’t need it.
  3. You can change up your area by using the same space for sleeping, lounging, dining and more.


Comfort and Reliability


Our clients are so caught up in support of Murphy beds; they might forget to mention how suitable and comfortable they are! Our wall beds are real beds with high-quality, Magniflex mattresses. Like traditional beds, you can rest on them every day and night.


Invest in any of our Murphy beds in LA to enjoy high-quality sleep for years to come. With a lifetime guarantee on our beds’ mechanisms, you’ll be sure in their performance — we indeed are.


Less Wasted Space


Guest bedrooms can be an extravagance in any house. While you want a place for your company to stay, it’s easy to feel like it’s useless if you’re not hosting anyone. With changing furniture like our bed couches and twin wall beds, your Los Angeles apartment can enjoy the excellent of both worlds.

Create a quality guest bedroom where people can stay comfortably and in style, instead of lying on a sleeping bag spread out on a hard floor. When you’re not entertaining, you can enjoy a home office, library or craft room. Just fold away the wall bed and enjoy the couch or desk that remains.

Our LA showroom has a vast selection of wall beds. Whether you want the queen, twin or wall bunk beds, you’re sure to find an option that meets your unique requirements.