Craftsman House by the Beach

This customer lives in a beautiful Craftsman House by the beach. As her family grew, some of the original built-ins, circa 1920, no longer worked for their modern lifestyle.

I was contacted by her after I did a job at her mother’s house. I went to her place to consult about her needs for the new piece and the style she wanted. After entering her house, the style question had been answered. Any design that didn’t work off of the style of her Craftsman home would be wrong. My first instinct always, is to work off of any existing dominant style unless instructed otherwise.

Next, onto design and functionality. She wanted cabinets w/a door at the bottom for additional storage and bookcase space above. Because it was going next to her fireplace and under a window, exact measurements and a plan of how to install were the first issues we tackled. After a few visits back to her home as we refined the design, this was the final product.