Custom Furniture

Frequently homeowners are becoming aware that renovation or remodeling goes beyond structural alterations. Improving the look of your home often means you’ll need to take a new look at the furniture that adorns it as well. If you desire, Custom Furniture artisans can be hired to work carefully with your interior decorator, interior designer, or general contractor, to create furniture that compliments the other improvements you’re making to your home. Custom Furniture can involve a lot of things. At UFM Designs, it says we make it easy to get exactly what you want. If our wide variety of stocked choices for an individual product aren’t your style or don’t fit your space, that’s where custom comes in. No area is too tricky to solve with the help of custom furniture. Our direct relationships with American manufacturers make customizing simple, quick and affordable.


The Process

Generally your home remodeling professional will put you in contact with a wood furniture retailer, or woodworker who can provide you with the custom furniture services you require. Once the connection has been made, expect to work with several representatives, from the salesman on down to the craftsman that will be building your furniture, as you develop the right pieces and designs for your home.


Custom Furniture Means Higher Costs

If you want premium furniture, shop for premium furniture. Custom furniture is made to suit, made of the perfect materials by a talented craftsman so you can enjoy, and brag over your new furniture addition. Because this process includes you approving original designs, choosing the ideal wood,  and paying for brand craftsmanship, you should assume the cost to be higher. On the upside, any money you use on custom wood furniture is well worth it. You’ll be getting the perfect part of the furniture for a given area, and you can rest easy knowing that it’s been built to the highest expectations.


Custom Upholstery

Upholstery is our umbrella term for any part of furniture you want to cozy up to (think sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans, beds, and stools and benches). When you fall in love with a particular sofa or find your dream bed, you can choose from the stocked fabrics or merely customize any upholstered piece with any other material, and any leather part in any of our leathers. Once you click into a particular product on, you can easily see how it will look in your choice of leather or fabric by clicking your desired color swatch, which drapes your selection over the item. Give the tool a try on any of these custom sofas and sectionals, for instance.


Custom Cabinets & Bookcases

Design your storage solution to fit your space and needs, small or large perfectly. Four of our most popular bookcase and storage collections are available with custom choices. Choose the dimensions, materials, and your ideal mix of inserts: drawers, cabinets, shelving and more (ahem, wine racks).


Custom Tables & Desks

Offered in an unparalleled selection of materials and styles, our custom desks, outdoor tables, dining tables, and end tables are made to your dimensions to the exact inch. Select your depth, height, and width to create just the size you need then choose from a wide variety of glass, wood, or stone top options. Table widths start as small as seven inches and can go all the way up to 120 inches, depending on your overall table dimensions.


Custom Rugs

Customize a rug to fit your individual space. Most of our rugs can be made-to-order in the width and length that’s just right for your room. Round and rectangular sizes are both available for customization. As long as your rug length is greater than or equal to your desired width, you’re good to go!


Custom Mirrors

Create a mirror that reflects your style. Choose a finish, shape, and size in leaning or wall-hanging designs from our four most popular collections.


We believe your home and furniture should be an extension of your lifestyle, so why settle when you can get precisely what you need? Explore online tools or stop into any UFM Designs store to chat with a Design Associate about how to shop for your custom furniture.