Latest Home Entertainment Center Design Ideas

The Home Entertainment furniture is a great idea; prices of electronics are coming down, and it makes sense to turn movie night, sports nights or video games into an in-house family event without disturbing the rest of the house. The best-designed Home Entertainment centers are highly functional and super comfortable. But does it replace the media room or is the living room on its way out? Having all the electronics in one place; in an orderly set up, to close the door and leave it all behind when you don’t need it sounds excellent.


Let’s look at some of the latest home entertainment, theater rooms, and you decide if its a fit for you and your family.

1. Organize the Space for Functionality.

Seating should be lined up like a movie house, cinema, or even a sports bar. You can create rows of seats, or form a semi-circle throughout the screen. It’s all about the super-sized comfortable chairs or daybeds and screen or converted mattresses to seat as many bodies as possible. Some people double up their theater rooms as storage, but if you want a theater room, the center is on recreating and entertaining the movie house experience. That could involve a bar or drinks area, a popcorn machine, cushions and throws for cold nights or scary bits. The home theater room above might be done on a budget, but it’s still very comfortable!


Add carpet to absorb sounds, and it is a functional and family-friendly entertainment room. The room underneath has all the trimmings for serious movie buffs. Its comfortable, formal, and more grown-up.


Either way, the room should not feel confined or overcrowded.


How you finish design it is entirely up to you. There’s everything from Hollywood to Western and even Out of Africa styles, and they all look excellent for a particular purpose theater room.

2. Bring Out the Gadgets.

From Projectors to Smart TV’s, there are several types of gadgets to get your entertainment on the wall. Some of your choices will depend on where you put your screen.


Do you intend on a given space or are you happy to have your screen as a room feature?


A high-quality HD Smart LED television set is one possibility. Apart from size, you should notice the numerous smart features it supports, the quality and screen type.


But do you need a Smart TV? Some people say that Smart TV’s are old and now there are issues about internet security. So, read up before you spend your valuable cash.


Flat-panel TV’s are simple to mount it on the wall with the rest of your stuff around it.


It takes it off the platform and out of the way, mainly if you have tiny hands around. More severe home theater advocates state by projectors. The room even has a curtain to cover the screen.


Next is the surround system. You can go functional or fancy or both. Different styles, models, and companies produce excellent sound equipment for every price range.




The better class sound, the best the movie experience.


The sound setup regularly includes the installation and wiring of a surround sound home entertainment equipment. This can be anything up to 5 different speakers, and a ‘base rich’ subwoofer to get the full effect of all the noises on screen.


Today media rooms are not finished if they don’t also house gaming consoles.


I can’t tell the variety between all the various models; whether it’s an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo or maybe you need one of each! Whichever is your favorite, hook them up to your television and your surround sound system for a genuinely in-house experience.

3. Lights and Action.

Too much natural light can be a problem in your home entertainment center; causing reflections and glare where they are least wanted. Is strip LED lighting for you or do you like old style wall sconces?


You can add solid block out curtains to your windows, or use electronic blinds. Or design your home entertainment studio in the basement.


Replace regular switches with dimmers, to check your light source, day and night.


Some of these options will depend on the existing style and design of your home. Some will depend on your budget. If you’re building or purchasing a new home, you can factor the media room, into your purchase or build. If the area is a premium, choose a guest room as your home entertainment center.

4. How Serious are You?

Just like too much original light can be a problem with glare and reflections, flooring can also be an issue. If you don’t have carpet on your floor, a sound may bounce off the walls and floor and be very distracting.


Acoustics are so crucial that some homeowners build soundproof rooms; adding carpet to the walls to fade sound.


Are you willing to go all out, or is your living space the perfect location to double up home media room? Or what about taking the whole event outside?

5. Go for Comfort.

The idea is to enjoy the space! If you want some DIY design ideas on how to create the area, watch out for some excellent tips and pointers on working out steps for seating and platform.


For some, it’s all about the built-in bar, a glass or a wine cooler door fridge for cocktails to see you through your movie adventure or all night gaming session, with peanuts, flashing lights, and coasters.


For others, supplies of cheese, popcorn and biscuits and sweet treats are all they need. But none of this means if your media room doesn’t have lots of comfortable seating.


There are so many modern custom home theater lounge sets to choose from with motorized recliners and drink holders.


But don’t let that scare you; from daybeds to bean bags, old recliners to single mattresses, the emphasis is on comfort. So, don’t throw out your old settee, you might need it!