Things To Consider When Building A Murphy Bed

Things you should remember when Building a Murphy bed! There are some powerful skills you need to have when you choose to build a Murphy bed.

Although the development process of building a Murphy bed is not extreme for someone with essential woodworking skills, it can be a challenge for someone who has not done any woodworking projects before. So if you don’t have the needed skills always keep in mind that you need to get professional help, because improper installation of a Murphy bed can result in damages.


There are five principal steps to do a Murphy bed project.


Step 1 – Cutting the wood

You can use the fast cutting sheet that comes with Easy DIY Murphy Bed Kit and takes it to a home improvement or lumber store to get the wood cut there if you don’t have a saw or if you don’t cut wood for a Murphy want to reduce the wood yourself. Keep in mind that it would be tough to get the wood cut in a small apartment, so it is always a good option to get the wood cut at your local home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes.


If you live in a house and have a garage or a shop you can cut the sheets of wood cut according to your cutting sheet yourself if you have tools and expertise to do so.


Step 2 – Preparing the wood

If you have a large working table that you can get the wooden parts prepared for the next step good for you! If not be aware that the most challenging part of a Murphy bed project in small wood for Murphy apartment is that you have to get the job done on the ground which is not as comfortable but it’s doable.


In this step, you need to bind the edges of the wood, make holes and get the hardware ready to be collected. Buy a roll of heat activated edging tape that is the closest to the color of the wood that you are using to cover all of the exposed edges of your bed. We show you precisely in the construction guide which borders you need to apply the line to so you end up with a known looking Murphy bed.


Cut a piece of the edging tape an inch or two higher than what you need and press the edge along the plywood with an iron, then run along the side of the tape while pushing down with a bit piece of wood. After that, you can use a knife or an edging deceiver to trim the excess tape. If you’re using plywood, you can sand the sides to make it smoother.


Step 3- Construction of the bed

This is the essential part of the method of building a Murphy bed. There are hardware parts and measurements that have to be followed correctly to let you go through the assembly construction of Murphy bed without any problems. If you have any question during the process, you can call us at our toll-free number that is in the standard and video. Detailed descriptions and the pictures will show you where each item of hardware is located and how it has to be installed.


Most of the fundamental woodworking skills such as screwing and drilling will be required during the construction of the bed. In the second part of this step, you need to make holes and put all the hardware in place. The Easy DIY Murphy Bed construction guidebook, assembly booklet, cutting sheet and items list, along with the instructional video all guide you step by step to get through the process.


Step 4 – Assembly of the bed parts

Assembly is very simple, but you will need someone to help you to construct the bed. All the pieces that you have already built will be put together at this stage, but don’t worry it is pretty simple to put all the earlier made pieces together in an hour or two.


Step 5 – Installation of the Murphy bed

Installing the cabinet and bed is probably very simple compared to the other parts of the project, but it is necessary to get this part of the plan appropriately done to have a safe and installing a Murphy bed secure installation.


Keep in memory, that every Murphy bed or wall bed has two principal wooden parts: The wall cabinet and the bed frame. In this level, you need to make sure that the wall cabinet has been adequately anchored to the wall for secure operation. The bed structure is attached to the wall cabinet by the bed hardware. The complete process is shown and explained in the guidebooks and the video, so everything that you need to do is very well defined.