Benefits of Vertical Versus Horizontal Wallbeds

When you are in the store for a wallbed, you might want to think the differentiation between a horizontal wallbed and a vertical wallbed. We provide our clients with a selection of both horizontal wallbeds and vertical wallbeds. Our wall beds come in a variety of finishes, sizes, and hardware, making it simple to choose a look that suits your décor.


Why would you want to choose Horizontal wallbed or Vertical wallbed?


For most customers, it is a question of space and how their room is laid out. A horizontal wallbed is more comprehensive but shorter, as the bed is laid out horizontally against the wall.


The most common wallbed style is vertical because the bed is narrower while taking full use of the wall height to put the most extended width of the bed up to the roof. This does less floor real estate and more wall real property.


For some, they are trying to place a bed in a smaller area where the wall doesn’t go as high, or points or shelving on the wall blocks a vertical bed from fitting there. Storage deployment may be another factor as a coop can be appended above a horizontal wall bed to attach more storage to your room.


Consider Choosing One of Our Horizontal Wallbeds


Barndoor wall-bed Our Barndoor wallbed has a gorgeous natural appeal and is accessible in Queen size. Made of Paulownia Wood, the Barndoor wallbed has one finish and can be mixed with a matched cabinet that has a door on top, is open in the middle, and three drawers on the back.


Standard Desk Wallbed The ideal option for a guest bedroom or office, the Standard Desk wall-bed provides room for work, homework, crafts or games. Available in a variation of finishes and hardware, this wallbed comes in Full or Queen with or without a hutch and is proudly made in the U.S.A.

So Many Options to Choose from with Our Vertical Wallbeds


Euro Basic Wallbed A very simple, crisp, affordable wallbed. The Euro Basic Wallbed matches in with any décor and style. Made of Birch plywood, the Euro Basic Wallbed comes in the quality of finishes. If you are looking for a mutual cabinet, this wallbed is an excellent option, as several piers and cabinets work well with this bed.


Sofa Barndoor Wallbed If you need a place for sleeping and sitting, you can not go wrong with our Sofa Barndoor wallbed. The sofa comes in grey or brown and works excellent with the Barn or Caspian Door finishes.  Pocket coils give added comfort when the Sofa Barndoor wallbed is used as either a bed or a sofa. Fashionable and sturdy, this wallbed comes in handy in small spaces.