Saving Space With A Wall Bed

A space-saving wall bed for everyday use. Comparing a wall bed to a sofa or futon bed as their advantages.

Solve Your Need Of Space With A Rare Unique Options, One Of Them Being A Wall Bed!

Lack of space is invariably a big problem, so you sometimes need to have a multifunctional room to save space when your area is not big enough.


So if you don’t want to leave one room of your living space just for an occasional guest who might visit a couple of times a year, using a Murphy bed will help you have a hidden wall bed in that room and use it as a bed when you need it.


Keep in memory, that if you buy a custom Murphy bed or wall bed, it will cost you thousands of money because the work is done for you and they charge good money for their services. If you are wall bed set up in room familiar with woodworking crafts and you have done a few DIY designs in the past, the Easy DIY Murphy Bed is an opportunity to maximize your area without spending a lot of money.


The Sofa Bed Option

The other alternative is to buy a sofa bed or a futon so that you can use it as a sofa for most of the times and when a visitor comes to stay with you late, you can turn it to a bed. That can be a resolution, but most sofa beds are not very suitable unless they are excellent quality and good brands which will cost you a giant penny, and you still want to store the pillows and blanket in a closet.


My parents live in a town that is a couple of hours away from where my spouse and I live. Last year we left to stay with my parents for the New Year.


The problem with sofa beds is that they don’t have a real mattress and they don’t give you the good feeling of deep sleep. So sleeping on a sofa bed or futon can be the best solution for temporary use or a short time, but for the long term, it might not be the best choice.


Keep in memory, that if someone comes to stay at your home for a several of weeks or if you have to manage an additional bed every day, a Murphy bed is the perfect resolution because you don’t have to compromise a good night sleep.


The comfort of your Murphy bed depends on the quality of the mattress you are going to use. Take note that very heavy pallets cannot be used for a Murphy bed. Most beds go on sale at very reasonable prices once in a while, and you can find a very comfy mattress at a perfect amount if you keep an eye on sales.